There is something about the ocean that reminds me of God’s power. The ocean is powerful. It moves through the land and seas changing everything it touches. Giving life, breaking down barriers erected my nature and man. We try to control it but in the end in its power is relentless and it always wins.
Is it time for you to let down the emotional and spiritual barriers you’ve erected and let God fully into your life. You know the barriers we erect to keep God in his place. We don’t want him touching the areas that we have deemed off limits. We’ve been hurt before, can’t let anyone get that close again. Not even God. Especially God, like the ocean he never leaves things the way he finds them. He’s always changing, pushing, and moving things around.
But, unlike the ocean, he never moves without our permission what a perfect gentleman. Waiting for us to invite him into our lives. To give us a hand sorting out our mess. Are you ready to invite him in? What do you really have to lose?
#spiritually #spiritjunkies #blessed🙏 #prayer #bible #God #faithwarrior #jesus #jesuslovesyou #spirituallife
ocean waves

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