We were made to be in relationships. From the moment we are born we yearn for the closeness of another human. That is part of the growing process. Some of our relationships are short and fleeting while others will be with us for a lifetime. The problem arises when we treat our relationships like revolving doors. We are in constant search for someone to complete us, to make us whole. What a heavy burden to place on another person’s shoulders.
This is the first of our life and relationship series. Whether you take this time to examine relationships with your co-workers, family, or friends. The one person in the relationship that doesn’t change is you. So, let me ask you are you happy with your life? If you are not satisfied with yourself and the contribution that you are contributing to your life. It will be challenging to cultivate lasting relationships. Why? Because your unhappiness will ultimately get in the way.

Your Happiness Is Your Responsiblity
The bottom line is no matter how much blame you hurl at others, or how much you try to change them to fit your happiness quotient it will never be enough until you are happy with yourself. How can you make that happen? First, an honest look at what you bring to the table regarding manifesting a stable relationship. Secondly, you need to ask yourself these three questions and give yourself honest answers.
Do you need to deal with past hurts that are impacting your relationships now? Are the people around you trying to tell you how they feel but you are not listening? Who are you holding hostage with your un-forgiveness? We all want relationships that make us feel loved and secure. But, the first relationship that should make us feel that way is the one we have with ourselves. Can this relationship be saved? I believe it can if you are honest with yourself and ready to heal.



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