Too many women live their lives waiting for someone to see how great they are and give them the recognition they deserve.  I get it; asking for what you want is scary; what if the other person says NO!  So, we wait to get raises, promotions, or commitments in relationships.  Well, it is time for that to stop.  You have heard the old saying, “a close mouth doesn’t get fed.”  It’s true.  If your boss can get you to do great work and pay you less than you are worth, they will.  If you have given your heart to your significant other along with all the emotional and financial support they need, but they are still taking you for granted and listing you at number two or three on their to-do list.  They will not change until you ask them to. 

    You might be scared the answer is no, but if the answer is no, you will have a decision to make, whether to stay or go.   If you’re the kind of woman who rarely says what you want or whispers your intentions, it will be difficult for others to hear, much less help you. Practice turning up your volume and declaring what you want. Speak your desires, increase your confidence by making decisions that benefit you, take charge of your life.  Let your voice be heard.

I believe in you!

With Peace and Love,


Hi guys, my name is Renee.  I am a Certified Coach and Yoga teacher host of the award-winning Welcome to Your Life Podcast and the Courageous Woman’s Book Club founder.      Thank you so much for checking out today’s post.

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