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So please share with you all the second book in the Courageous Woman’s Series, The Courageous Woman’s Guide to Stop Thinking Like a Victim.  This eBook and workbook bundle is for the woman who wants to stop living in the past and understands that she cannot give her present and future the attention they deserve until she changes how she thinks.  Plus, you will get a free 45-minute call with me; together we will create a plan to map out your future.

I get it; you are a grown woman and realizing that you are walking through life thinking like a victim can make you feel weak and vulnerable.  But the truth is until you put your past to rest, you will never be able to create a life filled with peace, love, and joy.

This ebook and workbook bundle is designed to help you figure out the thought patterns affecting your ability to make wise decisions, build lasting relationships, and accomplish your goals.  In addition, I will show you how to move through the pain of trauma, disappointment, and betrayals, how to forgive others and yourself.

It is time to shift your mindset so that you can go deeper, higher, faster you know that you were created to something more in your life; if you are tired of feeling stuck and overwhelmed, download the Courageous Woman’s Guide to Stop Thinking Like a Victim and create the future you want. 

You will regret tomorrow for not starting today. 

With Peace and Love,


Download Your Copy Here

PS We are healing ourselves and helping others.  $1 of your purchase will be donated to the Atlanta Mission; our goal is $700 to help them continue the incredible work in housing, clothing, and supporting homeless mothers and their families.  Thank you for your support.

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